Carol Arnold Summer Begonias Oil 20 x 24 inches1

Art Renewal Awards
13th International ARC Salon

The Art Renewal Center is pleased to announce the winners and finalists of the 13th International ARC Salon, the largest and most prestigious competition in the western world for realist artists in the categories of painting, sculpting, and drawing. There were over 3,750 entries from 69 countries in 2017. Our finalists represent approximately 28% of entries. This year a new category for Plein Air Painting was introduced. Congratulations to Carol Arnold, Julie Beck, Kelly Birkenruth, Todd Casey, Neal Hughes, Anne McGrory, Jim McVicker, and Carlo Russo!

Plein Air Painting

Carol Arnold, Summer Begonias: Honorable Mention

Neal Hughes, Rowenta Firetruck, Cove Point Light, Castle Roxx Tavern Nocturne,
The Mary Day at Camden Maine: Honorable Mention

Jim McVicker, Roses & Apples: First Place
Garden Light & Color, Trinidad Bay: Honorable Mention


Animal Category

Julie Beck, Not My Circus: Honorable Mention

Anne McGrory, The Chickadee & the Dragon: Finalist


Still Life

Julie Beck, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Honorable Mention,
A Creative Block: Finalist

Kelly Birkenruth, Clementines with Comics: Finalist

Todd Casey, The Entomologist, Where Inspiration Often Begins: Finalist

Carlo Russo, The Beginning and the End: 3rd Place