David Dunlop: NYC to Connecticut Shore – March 9 – 31, 2012

David Dunlop’s New York City and CT scenes, from landscape to seascape to urbanscape show the artist’s impressive range. He moves easily from the meditative, slower movements of reflections on water to the vigorous, lyrical comings and goings of people at Grand Central Station. In his new series of twenty NYC, Grand Central Station/Times Square and CT Shoreline Scenes, David Dunlop’s gestural brushwork combined with layers of blended transparent glazes create more atmospheric mystery. He also introduces areas of complementary colors in a translucent manner to accent the brightness and light generating effects of the painting.

Quote from David Dunlop: “My quest has been to reinvigorate familiar forms with a new perspective, a new aesthetic charge. This means I must consider my subject with new tools, new materials, new points of view. When looking at my Times Square paintings the viewer will experience a slight sense of motion, the panoramic flow that visually surrounds us, but is not in focus. Only our target is in focus. As we walk down the street or through reeds along the shore we can experience the panoramic flow as a blurring doppler-like effect which envelopes us and gives us our sense of speed and momentum. The experience of the now for us usually lasts for a few seconds and dissipates as experience shifts. I want a heightened sense of that experience and therefore, I rely upon various forms of exaggeration to amplify the drama. Color may be exaggerated, or form, or textures, or reflectance. Because emotion is tied to perception and, our ease of perception is triggered by familiarity I have selected subjects of familiarity to you and me, our Connecticut shore and Times Square. I invite you to come and discover a new perception of these subjects which will expand your view of their reality.”

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