Group of Six – Kathy Anderson, Stephanie Birdsall, Dan Brown, Grace M. DeVito, Michael Naples and Dennis Sheehan

Friday, November 9, 2012–Sunday, December 2, 2012

“You’ll find treasures here. These remarkable six established and emerging contemporary artists explore adventurous new terrain in still lifes and landscapes and transform the way we look at things,” says Susan Powell, owner Susan Powell Fine Art.

Nationally- known artist Kathy Anderson paints her flowers from life with vivid immediacy and freshness. She is a Four-Time finalist in International Magazine- Floral and Garden Competition. Stephanie Birdsall has earned over 30 awards including the Degas Pastel Society Exceptional Merit Award and the Grumbacher Gold Medallion Award.

She is an expert in applying rich overlays of color. Her pastels have the lushness of oils. Emerging artist Michael Naples’ still lifes are painterly with a dramatic viewpoint that focuses on light, atmosphere and translucency.

Dan Brown’s trompe l’oeil “A Bowler, Some Books and Seraphine” suggests witty dialogue between objects. Dennis Sheehan’s poetic landscapes reflect the beauty and harmony in nature summoning mystery with classic, grand style. Grace DeVito’s still lifes breathe with atmospheric elegance, grounded in the past, but with a reflective contemporary aesthetic.