Elizabeth Strazzulla- Riding the Wave, Oil, 17 x 34 inches

Elizabeth Leary Strazzulla

Elizabeth Strazzulla comes by her artistic talent and love of art naturally.  As the daughter of respected artist Elizabeth Wadleigh Leary, she has been exposed to fine
art and consequently has been painting since early childhood.  However, her artistic pursuits and interests are not confined to the visual. Ms. Strazzulla has an undergraduate degree in music and is an accomplished musician.
Elizabeth’s main focus, however, continues to be the visual arts. She is proficient as an oil painter, recognized for the excellence of her landscape, still life, and animal painting. Her bronze sculptures of animals capture the details and personalities of each subject. As a former National Champion horsewoman, she brings special knowledge to her equestrian art.

The painting and sculpture of Elizabeth Strazzulla reveal her commitment to the classical tradition.  A graduate of Wheaton College, Ms. Strazzulla also studied in Florence, at the atelier of Charles H. Cecil and at the Florence Academy of Art under the
direction of Daniel Graves. In Italy, she learned the importance of working directly from life, with nature before her as a constant guide. Elizabeth maintains this discipline, painting study sketches on location. Sculptures are worked in clay using the model itself for reference. If this is not possible, preliminary drawings and memory are employed. These working methods produce greater possibility for the subtle nuances that give Elizabeth’s work its life-like quality.
Elizabeth Strazzulla’s shell paintings exhibit her interest in the natural world and her love of the kind of beauty that often exists unobserved. “The ocean is not our habitat.

To hold a seashell is to touch the vastness,” says Strazzulla. “It is to cup the sea in the palm of the hand.” Elizabeth always tries to incorporate as much color from the native shells as possible and sets up her still lifes when the light is especially beautiful.
Ms. Strazzulla’s work received the Museum Director’s Choice Award at the American Academy of Equine Art. She also received the Academic Artists of America, Springfield, Massachusetts Award in Sculpture in 2007.