Emilia Dubicki- Clear Blue Running, Oil, 28.25 x 22 inches

Emilia Dubicki

Recently I have been working on paintings that have been inspired by my drives on the main roads and back roads of Old Saybrook, Lyme, Old Lyme, Chester, Essex, Deep River and East Haddam. Three  paintings in this exhibit – River Into the Sound, Clear Blue Running, and Deep River Turnaround – are my interpretations of the rivers, inlets, falls, trees, rocks,  skies and scenic routes in these Connecticut towns.

The painting The Springs references East Hampton, New York’s hamlet of the same name. Bike riding in the summer I was surrounded by the tangles of green woodsy landscape against a bright blue sky and the shimmering sunlight on Accabonac Harbor. The vertical painting Bayside, also inspired by summer in the Hamptons, presents a more structured landscape with slats of black and white – shadow and light – topping off the colors of the sky, sea, and grass.

Chinatown Fastforward is one in a series of paintings I made reflecting the energy and colors of walks through Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood. I like the blur of moving crowds and the bright reds, blues, and greens of signs and shop windows that fill the environment.

Emilia Dubicki lives and works in the Morris Cove neighborhood of  New Haven, Connecticut. Her paintings are primarily abstract, but sometimes representational imagery is integrated into the work, and sense of scale, structural forms, and movement are of special interest.  About her work she writes, I like vast expanses and active streets. I want to capture what is compelling about a location or setting while asking what’s this place about? Why am I responding to this place? The paintings, then, are also about questions. How do I paint thoughts? How do I paint sound or emotion? I work on a painting with these ideas and certain visuals in mind.  The process of painting is a continuous search for the truth. When I paint I want to travel to a new place in the work — I want the work to be alive.

Emilia earned her M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Literature from Emerson College. She was just invited to attend the residency program at the Pouch Cove Foundation in New Foundland in 2021. She has received artist residencies from the I-Park Foundation, the Vermont Studio Center; and the Wurlitzer Foundation. ​In winter 2018, Emilia was in a group show at MoMA’s Cullman Education and Research Building. In summer of 2018 Emilia had a solo show at Fred Giampietro Gallery, where she is represented, and in winter 2019 she showed in an invitational exhibit at City Gallery New Haven. She exhibits her work nationally and has also exhibited in Italy, Japan and South Korea. Emilia’s paintings are in numerous private, public and corporate collections domestically and abroad. Most notably, in fall 2019, the newly opened Nordstrom, Inc. flagship store in Manhattan installed four of her large scale paintings. In 2018, she had two large paintings installed in the library of Gateway Community College, New Haven.