Dubicki Sundrench, Oil, 66 x 66 inches

Emilia Dubicki

I paint mostly in the studio but the ideas come in large part from the New England coastline, especially Long Island Sound and the lower Cape, from the Florida Keys, and from the streets of New York City. Light, dark, structures, water, and sky are all part of of my paintings and the stories they tell, stories where I would like viewers to provide their own narratives. A painting is something that asks one to be still for a moment at least, and in this stillness I’d like the viewer to feel a flow of energy and to ask questions.

For me, painting is about asking questions that perhaps have no immediate answers, questions that only lead to more questions and more paintings.The paintings reference and grow out of one another. I hope to create work with meanings and representations very much open to interpretation.

Emilia Dubicki is a Connecticut based artist, showing work nationally and internationally. She has received residencies from the I-Park Foundation, the Vermont Studio Center; and the Wurlitzer Foundation. This year she received a Best of Houzz award from Houzz.com.