Katie Swatland- Field Study for Sonata in A Minor, Oil, 8 x 10 inches, SOLD

Katie Swatland

The paintings of Katie Swatland are an intrinsic dance between reality and rêverie. She approaches the canvas through means of discovery, imparting a sense of playful curiosity throughout a broad range of subject matter. Gestural brushwork combine with areas of transparency, offset by passages of thick impasto paint, all intermingle in a symphony of lost and found edges.

Her intense curiosity led her to pursue a formal education in the sciences. Trained as a mechanical engineer, she harnesses a deep affection for theoretical physics. She is a passionate advocate of cross-disciplinary undertakings as a way to deepen the practice and understanding of one’s primary life’s work.

“The Intention of art is far more than purely aesthetic pleasures. It offers a way to explore the infinite.” – Swatland