Peter Bergeron- Rising White, Oil, 48 x 36 inches

Peter Bergeron

Peter Bergeron attended the Paier Art School in New Haven and is a classic landscape painter. Bergeron studied with Frank Covino who taught a traditional method of painting, starting with an under painting, and then building up of glazes over that, layer upon layer. This classical academic method is reminiscent of the luminous paintings of the American landscape painters of the Hudson River School such as Albert Bierstadt and Sanford Gifford. Inspired by these realist painters and the atmospheric perspectives they created, Bergeron’s paintings have an expressiveness and a depth enhanced by his use of glazes.

He imbues his canvases with light in such a way that he is able to transport the viewer not only to a specific location, but also reveal that place at a unique moment in time. Bergeron masterfully paints the lingering glow of light at dawn or dusk, the power of crashing waves on a rocky coastline, the vibrant colors of a marsh in fall, the languid haze of a late afternoon or early morning mist. Creating an ethereal glow, the mist envelopes an entire scene, and the background of many works gently recedes while the foreground details are very distinct and sharp.

A collector of Peter’s work says, “One feels the immense energy of the crashing of waves in Bergeron’s paintings. Other paintings of the same subject offer the complementary talent, the ability to capture the essence, in the stillness of the moment. When viewing his paintings, you feel as though you are standing on a nearby boulder just watching the power of the sea.”  Susan Powell Fine Art has represented Peter Bergeron since 2008.