Sergio Roffo Brant Point Oil 24 x 36 inches

Sergio Roffo

Italian-born artist, Sergio Roffo, born in 1953, has been inspired by the work of such American traditional painters as George Innes and Albert Bierstadt. Roffo’s paintings of coastal landscapes reveal a luminous quality achieved through the technique of glazing and layering practiced by early American landscape painters. As you view his art, you discover a precise sense of value and atmospheric perspective that conveys a relaxed sense of calmness; a characteristic that defines and informs all his work. Roffo’s captivating depictions of the New England landscape have been included in a variety of museum exhibitions and have earned him numerous national awards.

Mr. Roffo get his inspiration from painting outdoors, from life and later doing large compositions from those studies.

Roffo holds the honor of being one of the youngest artists ever to be designated a “Copley Master” by the Copley Society of Boston. An elected member of the Guild of Boston Artists, An Elected “Fellow” of the American Society of Marine Artists. Elected Associate Living Master by the Art Renewal Center.  Sergio’s work is included in many private and publicly owned collections worldwide.

Graduated with honors from The Vesper George School of Art, Roffo continually strives to capture the elusive essence that is Nature. As he says, “My message is trying to convey to the viewer the spirituality and sacredness of my work and to indicate the harmony of nature through color and light. As artists, our creative goals will never be accomplished. We will always be students of nature, because nature does so beautifully. We live each day passionately. Others only dream!”