Vincent Giarrano in the August 2012 issue of American Art Collector Magazine

Thursday, August 16, 2012–Sunday, September 30, 2012

While Vincent Giarrano’s exhibition at Susan Powell Fine Art continues his series of cityscapes and interiors, his new paintings are about the beauty that the artist sees in New York City and the enviornments and personalities he finds while doing so.

“My favorite themes are things that are classic as well as contemporary,” says Giarrano. “For this work, the focus is the figure in relation to clothing and architecture. I love the deep ties we have with them, but also what they mean to us today. In all, these paintings are scenes that have a quiet and sincere mood- things that speak to me about real life.”

One difference in the work for this new show is that Giarrano is now treating many of the genre pieces as portraits.

“I’ve been meeting some incredible people in New York City and when using them as subjects, I’m incorporating things I know and feel about them,” says Giarrano. “That’s one of the cool things about the city- there are so many amazing and creative people there.”

One such person is clothing designer Chong Cha. Giarrano’s portrait of her at work in her New York studio is titled The Designer.

“I wanted this to be a ‘behind-the-scene’ view of her working,” says Giarrano. “Also, what interested me were all the unique things in her studio- the various equipment, gritty work area and the wall of thread spools. I feel it depicts a real moment in her work day. Color was a big factor in the piece, the pattern of spools was just a great visual element.”

Another painting is titled Fashion Week-NYC and is a portrait of well-known fashion blogger Aureta Thomollari.

“The painting is about her lifestyle during Fashion Week,” says Giarrano. “I love how the messy, chaotic hotel room with all the piles of clothing and cosmetics tells a story. The way Aureta is on the bed, blogging, says something about the way technology has changed the way people work and live.”

The Collector Says “Vincent Giarrano’s paintings come alive with their liberal use of reflections, often defying the physics of light, cleverly illustrating the third dimension…His juxtaposition of meticulously portrayed attractive, modern, young women against the old, and sometimes shabby, New York streets grabs your attention and makes you long to be there with the artist.” -Mary Oliverson